Sevendust, Crobot, Wilson Show Review!


All Photos credit: Sarah Carmody <3 our little photo smurf! HA

KILLER SHOW LAST NIGHT!! Of course all three bands were amazing!! But unfortunately Wilson’s set was cut short because the local band cut into their set. It happens but I was sad when I didn’t see the big green drum come out! Best of all after Wilson played my favorite song, The Flood, they played a new song!! That’s right they are working on new material!! They are currently just demoing and playing around now but hopefully next summer we MAY have a 3rd Wilson album coming. Boyfriend and I scored some Wilson swag and I am wearing my new shirt very proudly!! This shirt is only on sale on the tour, but Chad, lead singer, did say after the tour the shirts will go on sale on the site. Wilson’s logo is on the back of the shirt. Also shout out to Puhy, drummer, for taking over our snapchat, thank you so much!!

Love love my new @wilsonparties shirt!! 💀 #keeprockalive #wilson #rock105

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Crobot was amazing as always. Their new cd Fat City is coming out this Friday!! They played a few new songs as well at the show. The best part of Crobot’s performance last night is that Jake, bass player, was back on stage! Unfortunately Jake has been dealing with some medical issues but is feeling SO MUCH BETTER! Boyfriend, myself and our photographer Sarah went out to eat before the show and we ran into Jake. He said this was a one off show for him he does have to head back home today to get new medications. He said he was probably only going to play half the set but he ended up rocking the whole set! Also ladies we found out that Jake loves Garlic HAHAHA you wanna turn him on have some garlic breathe and be Taylor Swift!!

Also I WISH I caught a video or pic but Brandon, lead singer, walked to the side of the stage and I assumed he was going to let Chris, guitar player, have a little solo time. NO not at all. Instead he drank some water and ran and JUMPED on to Chris’s shoulders while still playing the guitar! And Chris didn’t miss a beat. Talk about some trust!!


And now for the band of the hour Sevendust! They went a little old school last night with their playlist. Starting from the first song; Pieces, Face to Face, Herd, Ugly, Praise, Denial, Disease, Angel Son, Not Today, Home, Waffle, Shine and Thank You to close the show. Of course when the first song started to play the moshing begun along with crowd surfing! I love crowd surfing just as much as the next person BUT I try not to crowd surf at small venues like the Lincoln Theater. Also I would like to say this now and please remember this fellow crowd surfers…. WAIT TILL THE FIRST 3 SONGS ARE OVER!! Photographers are in the pit shooting at the time and fitting them and security in the pit is a very tight tight squeeze. You are more likely to hurt them or their expensive cameras and hurt yourself. Just try and wait til the 3 songs are up then surf away!!

Back to the music Sevendust killed it as always! If you weren’t there you missed out on an awesome show!!

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