Norman Reedus rocks out with Anthrax!!

From classics to apocalyptic bikes, @bigbaldhead rocks them all. @RideAMC premieres this Sunday on @AMC_TV.

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This hunk from Walking Dead was rocking out with Anthrax and Slayer last night in Atlanta, Georgia! And when I mean rock out I don’t mean just headbanging sitting side stage…. which he did as you can see below.


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So when I say rockin’ out I mean Norman was given a bass guitar and joined Anthrax on STAGE!! :-0

One of my favorite TM, Will, is the TM for Anthrax and was able to capture of the moment of handing Norman Bello’s basses and jam on stage!! As you can see in the caption from the post from instagram this was Norman’s first “Rock Star” moment!! How awesome is that!!

Also I don’t know if you notice the crowd surfing going on the video above but it made me chuckle. You can see all the photographers rush to the part of the stage to get pics of Norman jammin’ out and then here comes a crowd surfer and lands right on top of them!! Whew hopefully that got that pic…. and this is why I say WAIT 3 songs before crowd surfing!

Also side note from the music Boyfriend and I finished binging Walking Dead on Netflix and CAN NOT WAIT for the new season of Walking Dead! Looks like things are going to get CRAZY!!



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