Tubby Drives A Mob Car Apparently

A few days ago I was visiting some friends – one of whom is a car salesman in the area. When he saw me pull up in the Fleetwood, he told me his boss thought I was a hoodlum when I came by the dealership to say hi. A few minutes later, his girlfriend asks “who owns the creepy black car outside?” when she came in the house. This got me thinking – what does my car say about me? And I’m not alone – YouGov did a survey to find out what traits are associated with car brands – here’s the results:

“The results were striking. BMW customers, for example, are likely to consider themselves more knowledgeable than most people, yet they are less mechanically intelligent than GM owners. While people who drive a Mercedes-Benz see themselves as both leaders and highly adventurous, Volkswagen drivers reckon they have the most imagination.”

Cadillac owners, for example, are viewed as “socially skilled.” Kinda fits in my case since I interact with many people working in radio. Not mentioned are the awful parking skills of Benz and Bimmer drivers. Here’s the breakdown:

I see “mafioso” isn’t one of the categories. Ah well – I have this front plate to make up for that fact:

Happy motoring!


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